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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an exceptional construction and trucking service that consistently surpasses customer expectations by focusing on quality, standardization, and professionalism.

Our Company

Wright Choice, Inc. is unlike any other business you have seen.  Simply stated, we are in the business of "YES".  First, we meet with our clients to fully understand their needs and requirements.  Then, we develop and present solutions that focus on timeliness and efficiency.  Finally, we solicit client feedback to continuously improve our services and processes.  Our clients are brought into our operations to ensure their satisfaction is being met at every step of our process.

Wright Choice, Inc. prides itself on being a team of dynamic problem solvers and creative thinkers. That all starts by our commitment. We are committed to our people, our customers, and everyone's safety.

Please see our "Services" section for a full breakdown of our comprehensive services, or contact us directly for projects, bidding, and questions.

Our Values

To carry out our mission statement, we will hold to the following values:

Personnel: All members of our team are empowered to shed the "business as usual" concept for a highly energized and competent work ethic that is influenced by safety, qualifications, and training.

Safety: Safety is not only paramount; it is the quintessential game changer and must be at the forefront of every action performed. This is evident based on our intricate safety plan and is measured every day.

Professionalism: Meticulous adherence to undeviating integrity, competence, and respect in our dealings with clients, stakeholders, and the community.

Quality: We strive to set the standard of excellence on every project by combining competent and knowledgeable people with a determination to surpass our clients' expectations.

Environment: There is only one Earth and she has limited resources; therefore, it is our obligation to leave the smallest footprint possible on each and every work location.

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