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Our Services

Wright Choice, Inc. is in the business of providing a comprehensive service across the oil and gas industry as well as the construction and excavation industry.  This comprehensive service focuses on three intricately connected divisions that result in "one stop shopping".



BS&W: Wright Choice, Inc. has tankers for hauling water based drilling mud and all BS&W to land farms or disposal, as appropriate.  Wright Choice, Inc. also has land farms that can be set up for our customers utilization.


Water: Wright Choice, Inc. hauls fresh water for drilling operations.  We have commercial fresh water sources througout Colorado and Wyoming. 

Dumps: Wright Choice, Inc. hauls fill dirt, contaminants, and cuttings.  We have a fleet of dump trucks with the capability to haul backhoes to locations, as needed.


Hydrovac: Wright Choice, Inc. maintains a fleet of hydrovacs for pit cleanings, line locates, and steam cleanings.





Completions: With water sources throughout Colorado and Wyoming, Wright Choice, Inc. provides fresh water for completion operations.


Flowback: Wright Choice, Inc. has tanker units dedicated to flowback operations, ensuring resources are available at all times.


Production: Wright Choice, Inc. has dedicated route runners that gain a familiarity with our customers to ensure that the pumpers are satisfied at all times.




Line Locating/Hydro-Excavation (potholing): Wright Choice, Inc. has the expertise to SAFELY locate and uncover lines. We locate anything from gas and water lines to fiber and phone lines. We use only the safest techniques to locate buried lines. We will also work with any and all utility companies necessary to ensure your satisfaction.

Partnerships & Bidding Advantages

Please notify Wright Choice, Inc. if you are interested in our competitive bidding advantages.

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